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PTFE O Rings (Teflon ®)

PTFE O Rings exhibit excellent resistance to high temperature, acids, alkalis, wide variety of chemicals. PTFE being chemically inert, it is used on a large scale in food & pharmaceutical applications. Due to their economies of scale, today PTFE O Rings are available at economical costs.

Polyurethane O Rings

POLYURETHANE O Rings are the best abrasion and extrusion resistant O Rings of all the Elastomers. POLYURETHANE O Rings generally provide up to 10 times the life of a normal Nitrile O Rings. These O Rings are best recommended for Dynamic Applications in Spray Guns, Hydraulic Cylinders, Paintball Guns and other High Pressure Applications.

Natural Rubber O Rings

NATURAL RUBBER O Rings exhibit excellent resilience, resistance to compression set and flex cracking. NATURAL RUBBER O rings though being cheaper, have today been replaced by Synthetic Rubber O Rings exhibiting superior chemical and physical properties.

Automotive O Rings

AUTOMOTIVE O RINGS are generally used in Auto Industries. These O Rings are generally cheaper due to economies of scale. Automotive O Rings if not used in critical applications, have commercial properties thereby reducing costs further.

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